Official releases

VersionBuild dateDownload
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.4.22024.0528Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.4.12024.0425Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.4.02024.0315Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.2.12022.0421Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2021.04.092021.0409Link

System requirements

See System requirements


1) CodeMeter Runtime 7.51 or later is required since OPTIMIZER 6.0.0
2) For Windows 8 and similar (see marked versions in System requirements), CodeMeter Runtime 7.30 or later is not supported. Codemeter runtime 7.21 + manual cprst.dll patch required. Even though cprst.dll is compatible with runtime 7.21, there have been reported issues in getting the patch to work.

BETA Releases

See BETA releases

Runs on older Windows versions

See Older Windows version support

Additional software tools

ARDIS PDF Printer 19.07.03Related to the PDF print moduleLink
ARDIS Reporting 20.12.08Related to the report designer moduleLink