BETA Releases

The following versions are considered stable for public testing. However do note that it is possible these version can introduce regression.

Note that the system-requirements differ from the standard requirements!

VersionBuild dateDownload
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.5.22024.0607Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.5.02024.0405Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.3.472023.1220Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.3.392023.0615Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.3.232022.0929Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.3.152022.0530Link


The following installer contains a new iteration of the original in-built REST Server application. This version installs the REST Server as a Windows Service.

Current usage is limited for demonstration purposes.

VersionBuild dateDownloadComment
ARDIS OPTIMIZER REST Service 1.3.98992024.0607LinkRequires OPTIMIZER 6.5.2

System requirements

See System requirements


1) For Windows 8 and similar (see marked versions in System requirements), CodeMeter Runtime 7.30 or later is not supported. Codemeter runtime 7.21 + manual cprst.dll patch required. Even though cprst.dll is compatible with runtime 7.21, there have been reported issues in getting the patch to work.