Official releases

VersionBuild dateDownload
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.2.12022.0421Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.2.02022.0331Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2021.04.092021.0409Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2020.05.062020.0506Link


Official releases, XP support

VersionBuild dateDownload
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2019.12.222019.1222Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2019.06.172019.0617Link


BETA Releases

The following versions are considered stable for public testing. However do note that it is possible these version can introduce regression.

The prerequisites are similar to the above version ranges

VersionBuild dateDownloadComment
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.3.152022.0530LinkRequires dotnet hosting bundle!
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.3.132022.0422LinkRequires dotnet hosting bundle!
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.3.122022.0415LinkRequires dotnet hosting bundle!
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.1.82022.0328Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.1.62022.0218Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.1.52022.0209Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 6.1.22022.0106Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2021.07.142021.0714Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2021.06.302021.0630Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2021.03.312021.0331Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2020.12.082020.1208Link
ARDIS OPTIMIZER 2019.12.232019.1223LinkSupports Windows XP and Safenet Sentinel

Additional software tools

ARDIS PDF Printer 19.07.03Related to the PDF print moduleLink
ARDIS Reporting 20.12.08Related to the report designer moduleLink
CodeMeter Runtime 6.90XP SupportLink